Owners urged to purchase pet jackets for the winter

Wednesday, 12th January 2011

Consumers should acquire a pet jacket for their animal to keep them warm in the winter, it has been claimed.

Dr Christi Hawkins of US-based Banfield Pet Hospital expressed her belief that pet owners should treat their animals as they would themselves and buy them a coat to protect them from the cold weather.

She told The Houston Chronicle: "If we put on a jacket, they need a jacket.

"A lot of senior pets have underlying arthritis that's natural with age. That's definitely a discomfort in our aging pets that we don't see year-round because we're in warm temperatures."

Dr Hawkins advised consumers to bring their animals inside during the winter months as they can suffer health issues if the temperature drops below zero.

If it is not possible to do so, she claimed homeowners should put animals in a kennel in the garage to ensure they do not have access to any harmful chemicals which may be nearby.