Noisy cat preparing to set world record for loudest purr

Tuesday, 29th March 2011

A kitty from Northampton may be rewarded with a new cat scratch post should she become a world record breaker.

Smokey, the 12-year-old cat, has attempted to break the world record for having the loudest purr of any domestic cat.

The attempt took place at Smokey's home, where her purr reached 73 decibels, which is 16 times louder than the average cat.

Owner Ruth Adams is now waiting on the final verdict from officials at Guinness.

She said: "Guinness has very strict criteria and the college has been very helpful in supplying the specialist recording equipment needed to measure Smokey's purr and for arranging the official witnesses.

"Smokey is actually quite camera-shy so I was very conscious not to upset her during the record attempt so we kept it all kept very calm and low-key."

The record breaking attempt was aided by the town's college, who provided the specialist sound equipment needed to record Smokey's purr.