Nervous mongrel looking for loving new home

Tuesday, 18th September 2012

Mongrel Stewie may be one of the larger dogs residing at Battersea kennels, but his natural shyness has left him nervous nervous around new people.

Luckily, the animal charity is working with him to improve his confidence, but needs a loving family to adopt the dog and help him overcome his anxiety.

Staff are looking for a new owner for Stewie who will be able to help him relax and get the most enjoyment possible out of life.

The one-year-old's size meant that he was too big for his previous owners to look after but his nervous disposition has made it difficult for Stewie to find a new home after nearly half a year at Battersea.

The charity's rehoming and welfare assistant Laura Cushway said that Stewie is a sensitive dog, much like Benny the Mongrol, who melted hearts up and down the nation after appearing on ITV's Paul O'Grady: For the Love of Dogs.

She said: "Stewie and Benny are very similar. They are both big dogs who are very sensitive and can be scared or nervous around new people.

"However they are actually real softies once you get to know them, and you just need to win their trust."