My Social Petwork has landed

Monday, 15th April 2013

Facebook has pretty much taken over our lives so it was just a matter of time until our pets got in on the action as well.

My Social Petwork is a social networking site especially for our animal companions and their doting owners.

Launched earlier this month, owners can post photos, videos and status updates of their pets simply by registering and creating a profile.

Whether your canine is looking particularly sweet while playing with dog chew toys or your feline friend is looking rather regal while lying out in the sun, anything goes.

They could even find themselves featuring on the video or pictures of the day.

The service also allows pet-related businesses and charities to create accounts.

Catriona Golden, digital project manager at PEP Publishing, which owns the website, said: "My Social Petwork is the UK's first social networking site to give pet owners of all breeds and species the chance to come together in one place to share their pictures, videos and updates and make friends with other like-minded pet owners."