Man hires plane to find missing dog

Tuesday, 22nd February 2011

A devoted son may want to consider investing in a new dog collar and lead after having to hire a plane to find his mother's missing pooch.

Dana Neal was searching for Topsy, his late mother's dog went missing on an island in the middle of the River Trent on February 12th.

Mr Neal had promised to take care of Topsy after his mother passed away.

After buying binoculars and borrowing night goggles, Mr Neal eventually resorted to hiring a plane in an attempt to find little Topsy, a 12-year-old terrier-cross.

He said: "A promise is a promise and you can't make a promise to someone on their deathbed like that and then break it two months later.

"When Topsy went missing I was devastated and knew that I would do anything to make sure she was found."

Mr Neal put up posters and even offered a £100 reward for the safe return of the pooch.

Four days after going missing, Topsy was found cold and wet by some Environment Agency workers. He donated the reward to the charity Water Aid.