Lucky dog survives after getting chew toy stuck in chest

Thursday, 29th December 2011

A pet is lucky to be alive after getting a dog chew toy stuck in her chest at Christmas.

Susie was given a pork marrow bone chew by her owner, Mrs Hackett, for Christmas. An hour after eating it, she began vomiting, wheezing and retching.

She was rushed to a Blue Cross animal hospital where an X-ray showed there was a piece of chew toy the size of a golf ball stuck at the base of her heart.

Katherine Massyn, vet nurse, said: "Susie’s prognosis was not good at this stage and we did not think that we would see her again.

"Mrs Hackett was shocked by the damage the chew did to Susie and she felt awful that she had given it to her thinking she was giving her a treat."

Susie recovered after an operation and was returned to her owner the next day.

Ms Massyn added that while this outcome was happy, a problem like this can be fatal so owners should beware.