Keep cat scratch posts 'in family areas'

Wednesday, 16th March 2011

Owners have been advised to keep cat scratch posts in family areas in order to encourage the kitty to use it.

This recommendation is made by Liz Friedenfels, manager of the Lincoln County Humane Society, in an article on

Ms Friendenfels claims that there are a number of ways to encourage a cat to use its scratch post.

She wrote: "Put the post near the areas your cat goes to scratch and keep it in an area that the family is in, not hidden away.

"Feed your cat and play with her by the post to encourage more comfort with the post. If your cat enjoys catnip, rub dried catnip leaves or powder on the post."

Ms Friendenfels also advises owners to make sure the experience of using the cat scratch post is a happy one, suggesting that owners hang toys from the post.

Getting a kitty to use their cat scratch post may also save homeowners money in the long run, as recent research by found that unruly pets cause around £690 in damages every year.