Jack Russell recovering after close shave with train

Monday, 26th November 2012

A Jack Russell is recovering at Blue Cross Hospital after being found just inches from a railway line in North London.

The dog was discovered hiding in the bushes with blood on his face. Vets were forced to undertake surgery to remove one of his eyes.

After being picked up by the dog warden in Islington and taken to the vets, the stray was admitted to the charity's Victoria animal hospital earlier this month.

Often, strays such as this, who the vets have taken to calling Mr Bean, are put to sleep if no one claims them and a home cannot be found.

Mark Bossley, the Blue Cross vet who examined the dog, said: "His right eye was very badly damaged, which was the result of an old injury.

"It was lacerated, which would have been caused by a sharp object, perhaps a cat scratch or barbed wire, and his lens was also damaged beyond repair."

He suggested that the animal may have been abandoned because the owner was unable to afford the vet bills for the surgery he needed.