Good training 'starts before buying a dog'

Tuesday, 18th September 2012

Good training starts before you have bought a dog, according to animal behaviour expert Debbi Connolly.

The founder of website explained that there are several important steps to consider before you start picking out pet toys and leads, or even a name for your animal.

She noted that the first stage is to start researching different breeds - if you plan to adopt a rescue, then make sure that the shelter is reputable and has properly assessed the dogs.

Next comes obedience, with training of good manners starting as soon as you take home your animal.

"Too many people manage problems rather than solving them until it escalates and it's too late," she said.

The animal expert also noted a dangerous trend of owners turning to the internet when issues do arise rather than behaviourists or qualified experts, such as vets.

Ms Connolly warned: "There is a huge problem with owners getting their advice, often dangerously, from Facebook."