Forget carnival, Rio’s pet parade is the top attraction

Monday, 4th February 2013

Brazil is gearing up for its world famous carnival this month, and the party season has already kicked off with a pet parade through the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

The event, known as ‘blocao’ – a pun involving the Portuguese words for ‘dog’ and ‘party’ – took place on Sunday (February 3rd), with owners dressing their pets in spectacular sparkly costumes in true Carnival style.

While many pets don’t mind being dressed up and often enjoy it, owners should remain mindful of their animals’ needs and never force them to wear something they are not entirely comfortable with.

Many of the dogs at blocao were reported to be wearing make-up and nail varnish, which can cause great discomfort and health problems.

The samba steps on show at the event may not have been quite up to the standard of Carnival itself, although there was certainly a lot of tail wagging going on.