Fishy friend: Hotel hires out pet to stressed-out workers

Thursday, 11th April 2013

We've all been in the position where it's been a long day at work and we feel in need of some cheering up.

Now, one hotel in Dutton, Cheshire, is giving guests the opportunity to relieve some of that burden by hiring out its pet goldfish.

The Metro reports that the Happy Guest Hotel Lodge is charging stressed out customers £5 to have 'Happy' keep them company for one night.

In the same way that guests can pre-book breakfast on the hotel's website, they also have the option of hiring Happy.

Owner Jeff Riley said: "It can be lonely for those travelling alone but now, when our guests return to their hotel rooms after a difficult day at the office, Happy could be there to give them unconditional love and a valuable sounding board."

Mr Riley revealed that the name of the goldfish is a reflection of its pleasant temperament and he plans to introduce more fish to the fold if Happy proves to be popular roommate.