Exercising with your dog 'much cheaper than a gym membership'

Tuesday, 23rd August 2011

Pooch owners may want to consider cancelling their gym membership and splashing out on more dog toys, as exercising with their four-legged friend is much cheaper than paying a monthly subscription to a gym.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club spokeswoman, explained some of the ways owners can get fit with their dog.

She said: "Dog ownership presents a range of inspiring, interesting and good value ideas for exercising together, from simple dog walks to increasingly popular sports including agility, the nation's fastest growing dog sport and heelwork to music, whose profile has been raised by shows such as Britain's Got Talent."

Ms Kisko added that dogs are great for helping families spend time together, with many people noticing their family unit gets closer as a result of the walks they take together.

Research from the Kennel Club recently revealed that dog walking is the top form of exercising for most people in the UK, with a third of Brits owning a dog and walking it daily.