Elizabeth Hurley lets sleeping dogs lie on her bed

Wednesday, 24th April 2013

Dogs are like family members so it's a common occurrence among owners to let their beloved canine share their bed.

Elizabeth Hurley has revealed that she lets her labrador and two spaniels climb into bed with her while her fiancé Shane Warne is in Australia.

On her Twitter page she wrote: ''Am allowing Raja (secret favourite lab) to sleep with me tonight. He's looking smug on my pillows.

"'Tomorrow I'm planning to let the two silly spaniels....."

Owners who prefer to nod off without their pets should consider luxury dog beds as an option for their animal companion. 

Two of Hurley's beloved companions were taken seriously ill earlier in the year when she returned from a break down under. The distraught star wrote on Twitter that the vet believed them to have been poisoned.

The well-known animal lover is an enthusiastic livestock farmer at her home based in the Gloucestershire countryside.