Dog owners 'walk 36 miles a week'

Friday, 11th February 2011

Those who have to replace their dog's collar and lead on a regular basis may be interested to find that the average person will walk their pooch 36 miles every week.

That is according to research by insurance firm esure, which revealed that the average person will walk their dog for eight hours and 54 minutes a week.

Over the course of an average dog's life (12.8 years), this equates to 24,000 miles - the same as walking up and down the UK 35 times.

Nikki Sellers, head of pet insurance at esure, said: "These research results are incredible, particularly as they are based on the average owner walking their dog for five days of the week, rather than seven.

"Walking the dog has enormous benefits - not only for the health of the animal but for the health of their owner as well."

Despite these findings, 67 per cent of dog owners said their pooch would like to go on more walks.