Dog kennels can 'protect' pets from the harsh winter

Tuesday, 25th January 2011

Dog kennels can offer protection to pets that are looking to find shelter from the harsh winter, it has been claimed.

Michel Selmer, doctor of veterinary medicine at the Advanced Animal Care Centre in Huntington Station, expressed his belief that pet owners should regularly check shelters to ensure they are not too cold during the winter.

"Animals must be able to get out of the elements. A pet must have a well-insulated structure just large enough so that he can curl up inside to maintain body heat," he told the Huntington Patch.

"The structure should also have a wind-block to protect it from wintry blasts, and an outdoor-rated pet-heating pad."

Mr Selmer added that consumers should always ensure that there is always a supply of fresh, unfrozen water for dogs to drink during the winter.

Furthermore, pets should be fed a little extra food during the winter, he stated, as animals need more energy in the cold weather.