Dog collar and lead gets unconventional twist

Thursday, 3rd March 2011

US inventors have put an unconventional twist on the classic dog collar and lead by adding and umbrella to it.

The dogbrella allows owners to keep their pooch dry when it is raining, meaning they are less likely to get that wet dog smell, reports the Daily Mail.

Jill Atherton, a 52-year-old dog walker who owns two West Highland terriers, has invested in the unusual invention.

She is quoted as saying: "When I take the dogs for a walk in the rain I've usually got waterproof trousers, several layers on and a nice warm hood.

 "It only seems fair that the dogs should have something to keep them dry too, and if I don't have to towel them off when I get home it's a bonus."

The news provider also reports that the umbrella is made from clear polypropylene, which means the dog's view is not compromised.

Although many dog owners may prefer to stick to a more traditional dog collar and lead, they may like to attend national dog show Crufts, which takes place between March 10th and 13th at the NEC Birmingham.