Dog chew toys could save Brits money

Friday, 25th February 2011

Brits may want to consider investing in dog chew toys and cat scratch posts as it has been revealed that owners pay £3.3 billion in damages caused by their pets every year.

Research by has revealed that pets have caused around £690 worth of damage to the average pet owners home over the past year.

However, findings also reveal that 60 per cent of pet owners don't know if their current home insurance policy covers pet damage.

Cat Hughes, pet psychologist from Puppy Professionals, explained that much of the damage caused can be prevented.

She said: "Whilst many would find it valuable to have the extra insurance of pet cover, prevention and dealing with the bad behaviour is the best way to protect your property.

"In most cases pets that are bored, under-exercised or worried about being left alone are more likely to cause damage at home."

Ms Hughes revealed that owners should provide plenty of activities for their pets to keep them occupied, such as food dispensing toys and cat scratch posts.