Dog chew toys can keep pets' teeth in 'good shape'

Wednesday, 19th January 2011

Dog chew toys are a good way for pet owners to help keep their animals teeth in good condition, it has been claimed.

Dr Karen Budd expressed her belief that, although bones can also help with pet dental hygiene, some dogs may not be comfortable with them and would prefer to use chew toys instead.

She told the Herald Sun: "Suitable bones are raw, and large enough that they can't be easily gulped down. Avoid big leg bones; these are very hard and increase the risk of broken teeth.

"For pets that dislike bones, a wide range of dental chews are available to keep teeth and gums in tip-top shape."

Dr Budd added that as dogs are omnivores they should be given a mixture of meat, vegetables and grains in their diet.

Furthermore, as store-bought food offers a range of nutrients, dogs do not need to be given a mixture of different foods to stay healthy.