Dirty dog: New tactic shames owners to get the scoop out

Friday, 19th April 2013

No one likes going to a public area only to see it scattered with unsightly dog mess. On top of it being unpleasant, it's a breeding ground for infection.

Richmondshire District Council is taking a tough stance against owners failing to clean up after Fido by implanting warning signs next to any incidents of dog waste found in the streets of Richmond.

It is hoped the signs which read 'Stop dog fouling, report an offender' will shame owners to do the responsible thing.

The markers will remain for a few days to reveal just how much fouling there is before it is removed.

If the pilot scheme is successful, it will be made applicable to Richmondshire as a whole.

Councillor Tony Duff said: "We hope that dog owners that fail to clean up after their pets will see the markers and think twice before walking away from it."

Owners should make sure they bring a poop scoop along with a dog collar and lead next time they’re out with their pet.