Choose breed based on lifestyle rather than looks, charity urges

Tuesday, 15th May 2012

Before getting a new dog, it is important to research a breed and base your choice on lifestyle rather than looks, a charity has said.

The Blue Cross has said that many dogs have ended up in its care as a result of people picking a dog that is unsuitable for their lifestyles.

Ben, a Border Collie puppy, was bought by an elderly couple who did not realise this breed needs lots of playtime with pet toys and long walks.

As a result, he was given away and when the Blue Cross took him in he was not socialised.

Ben now has a new home and he quickly became more confident once placed in a suitable environment.

A statement from the charity said: "We urge people to research the breed of dog they’re considering rehoming or buying and to choose one based on their lifestyle and expectations rather than looks.

"Many dogs that arrive at the centre, especially puppies, are a result of an impulse when perhaps the breed traits were not researched."