Cat saves owner's life by detecting cancer

Tuesday, 31st January 2012

A cat who saved his owner’s life by helping to detect his cancer may well be in for some new pet toys and treats.

Whisky, a black and white cat, was normally very aggressive, grumpy and did not show any affection to his owner, Barrie Gardham, reports the Hull Daily Mail.

However, when Whisky began snuggling up to him and behaving in a friendly manner, Mr Gardham thought something must be wrong so went to the doctor to have a check-up.

"I really believe I owe my life to Whisky for sensing the cancer in my body, which led to the early detection," he told the news provider.

"The way Whisky interacted with me, snuggling up and stroking my nose with his paw, freaked me out because he is vicious and usually bites and scratches people who try to stroke him."

He added that he had heard of pets being able to detect cancer in humans and was worried because his father and grandfather both died from prostate cancer.

This follows news of Wendy Humphreys, who was diagnosed with breast cancer after her kitten sat on her right breast every night for two weeks. She was told that she is more likely to beat the cancer because it was detected early.