Carry dog waste bags wherever you go, expert says

Friday, 20th July 2012

Owners should carry dog waste bags with them wherever they go, as these are the best way to clean up after your pet.

That is according to Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club communications director, who made these comments after it was announced that owners in Norwich now receive on-the-spot fines if they do not clean up after their pets.

Norwich City Council's Fouling of Land by Dogs Order came into effect on July 16th.

Ms Kisko said: "Part of being a responsible dog owner is to clean up after your dog, and unfortunately the irresponsible minority can ruin things for the responsible majority.

"The best way to ensure you are always able to clean up after your pet is to keep dog waste bags on you whenever you walk the dog."

She added that dog waste bags are quick and easy to use and should be disposed in a dog waste bin or a litter bin if the former is not available.