Blind Greyhound looking for new home

Thursday, 29th September 2011

A Greyhound is now looking for owners to feed him dog food and buy him pet toys after it was discovered he is blind.

Jack Sprat came last in all of his races at Wimbledon Stadium despite reaching speeds of 40 mph in training.

After handing the animal into Dogs Trust, where vets found that Jack Sprat had a rare condition that meant he is completely blind in his left eye and only has 20 per cent vision in his right.

Kate Brewster from the charity said: "We don't think Jack's owner realised the severity of his blindness. Jack would have been terrified to race due to the noise. And he had no way of seeing the rabbit."

According to the Daily Mail, Dogs Trust has recommended that Jack Sprat's new owners should not have children below the age of 11 or small pets.

"Things that catch Jack unaware like unexpected movements or big cuddles can make him nervous," Ms Brewster is quoted as saying.

Dogs Trust in Newton Tony recently announced that they had had an increase in the number of pairs of dogs looking for new homes, with the charity believing this is because these animals are overlooked in favour of single dogs.