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Vet surgery urges owners to get their pets microchipped

Thursday, 16th June 2011

People who invest in pet food may want to think about spending just a little bit of money to get their four-legged friend microchipped.

This is because a nurse at a vet surgery in Rutherglen has highlighted the importance of doing so after a cat was brought in who had not been microchipped, The Rutherglen Reformer reports.

Frances Shaw, a nurse at Avenues Veterinary Centre, explained that the cat, which has a collar with the name Chico on it, may not be reunited with its owners because it cannot be identified.

She said: "The cat is lovely. He's a young male and is obviously very well looked after and very well kept. If he had a microchip we could have had him back with his owner very quickly.

"The owner has gone to the trouble of getting him a collar but there is no real information on that."

June is National Microchipping Month, a campaign that encourages responsible pet ownership through having them microchipped.