Vegan pets tuck into veggie diets

Tuesday, 5th February 2013

Following a recent report by the institution of Mechanical Engineers over the amount of food that gets wasted around the world, more and more people have been going vegetarian or vegan in an attempt to use up fewer resources.

And now it seems a number of pet owners are even encouraging their animals to get in on the act, with the Times of India reporting that the trend is gaining popularity in Toronto, Canada.

Dr Erika Sullivan of Forest Hill Animal Clinic says that dogs in particular do not necessarily need meat in their diet, insisting that they “are natural omnivores who have enzymes to break down the nutrients from a vegan diet and assimilate them for daily use.”

While many owners may wish to go vegan, it is important to remember that pets need a certain amount of protein in their diet in order to stay healthy, which is why it is advisable to supply them with high quality pet food that contains all the major food groups.