Two men plead guilty to animal cruelty after beating pigs on Norfolk farm

Tuesday, 31st July 2012

Two men have pleaded guilty to animal cruelty after a film showed them beating pigs on a farm in Norfolk.

Geoffrey Towell and James Dove were filmed abusing the animals on Harling Farm. RSPCA inspectors attended the farm in February after being made aware of the footage.

Ben Kirby, RSPCA Inspector, said: "We were appalled when we saw the footage of pigs being kicked, beaten and handled so cruelly.

"All animals deserve to be treated with kindness and respect - whether they are pets, wildlife or livestock."

He said this was a "very sad case" and that the charity is pleased the perpetrators have been bought before the courts and pleaded guilty to the charges. The case has now been adjourned for sentencing until August 17th.

Cruelty to pigs was also bought to the attention of the media in 2011, when a video emerged of workers at Elmkirk Ltd (Cheale Meats), a slaughterhouse in Essex, beating and burning animals.

According to, the abattoir was cleared of charges of animal cruelty but condemned the actions of the workers shown in the film, who were sacked.