The fire engine and the squirrel

Tuesday, 8th January 2013

The fire brigade is urging people not to call the emergency services to help them rescue animals in distress, after three fire engines were called to a scene in Watford where a squirrel had become stranded in a pond.

A spokesperson for Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue says the anonymous caller suggested there may have been people in the water, which is why such a large rescue force was deployed.

Upon arrival, the firemen quickly realised that there were in fact no humans in need of rescue, and were quickly able to bring the squirrel back to dry land, safe and sound.

Pet owners should be made aware that rescuing animals is a job for the RSPCA, not the emergency services, although most of the time they can be easily coaxed back to safety by using pet food as encouragement.

According to the Telegraph, the fire brigade spent around £3.5 million on animal rescues over the past three years, including a snail and seven dolphins.