Teach children not to approach pets while they are eating, expert says

Monday, 30th April 2012

Children should be taught not to approach animals while they are eating their pet food, an expert has said.

Sarah Gould, of Monster Pet Supplies, said that the environment a pet lives in should always be safe, so it is important to teach young children how to behave around a new pet.

She said: "Make sure your child doesn't pull on the pet’s fur or tail, approach them when they're eating or enjoying a treat or feed the new pet any of their own food.

"A breeder or shelter should generally be able to advise you on how comfortable a pet is around children."

Ms Gould added that some cats and dogs may have had a troubled start in life, so should be more suited to a quiet home.

Her comments follow a study published in the British Journal of Developmental Psychology. The report found that children as young as 11 months showed more interest in live animals than they did toys.