Scarborough vet in pet health warning

Monday, 11th February 2013

While the purchase of more health-focused pet food online can be a wise step on the long road to recovery for any overweight animal, one veterinary nurse believes owners should do more to help their furry friend enjoy a better lifestyle.

Speaking in an interview with the Scarborough News, Meika Baldwin of the LMS Canine Hydrotherapy and Swanzdale centre called for more action.

Failure to do so could result in serious consequences, she noted.

"Obesity can lead to reduced quality of life and clinical problems such as diabetes, arthritis and heart conditions," she told the news provider.

"The fastest way to lose weight is through a prescription diet, sensible exercise regime and client compliance."

Managing cat and dog food as well as taking your charge on regular walks could be a good start, but try to check your pet in with a vet, who can then provide you with more advice.