Ram gains new fleece on life

Wednesday, 17th April 2013

It's usually horses we associate with jumping hurdles, but they now could have met their match in the shape of a sheep called Lavender.

What makes this ram special is his ability to leap through the air, the Metro reports.

The two year-old was destined for the slaughterhouse but Lavender's unique ability proved to be his saving grace.

His owner, Isobel Brown, has helped her woolly friend achieve a personal best of 1m (3ft) by acting as a cheerleader – yelling words of encouragement as he leaps over fences and streams.

The teenager coaxes the ram to train with food, but not the usual stuff you would find at an online pet store.

"He likes anything – from corn to croissants – he's very greedy. He even started licking my drinking bottle a few weeks ago – it had Ribena in it and he now can’t get enough of that either," Isobel noted.

Her mum, Victoria Goodall, said her daughter is besotted with Lavender and treats him just like a pet.