Potty-mouthed parrot polarises pet-lovers

Wednesday, 31st October 2012

It's Halloween, and appropriately for such a ghoulish occasion the RSPCA has a somewhat horrifying customer in need of a good home – a sweary parrot with a penchant for human flesh.

Beaky, a chattering lory (a forest-dwelling parrot indigenous to Indonesia), has made a name for himself at the RSPCA Leybourne Animal Centre in West Malling, Kent, by turning the air blue with regular outbursts of expletives.

Unsurprisingly the centre has had a bit of trouble rehoming him – the lory's favourite swear-word is apparently the 'F' word, while he also likes to sling around insults like 'a***hole' and 'stupid'. According to the RSPCA it's not Beaky's fault – he's just a capable mimic and has picked up all manner of bird-brained banter from the humans he's come into contact with.

However, he does also enjoy biting people he doesn't know, and as such potential new owners will need to be open-minded as well as having an expertise at owning exotic birds.

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