Pets more important than possessions for South East owners

Monday, 21st November 2011

Pet food-buying people in the South East are more likely to rescue their animals over photos or gadgets if their home is flooded.

That is according to the Environment Agency, which found 23 per cent of people said their pet would be their one possession to rescue if their home flooded.

Photos were second most likely with 15 per cent, shortly followed by gadgets (14 per cent).

Tony Woodley, RSPCA inspectorate communications and liaison officer, said: "Pets are a much loved part of families so it is natural that they would feature high up a flood rescue list.

"For animal owners who live in areas at risk from high water, we urge people to keep informed of Environment Agency warnings and take steps to ensure their pets and livestock are kept safe."

Phil Rothwell, head of flood strategy at the Environment Agency, added that people should check the agency's website to see if their home is at risk of flooding and what they can do to prepare for floods.