Owners celebrate pet's birthday

Wednesday, 16th February 2011

One in five Canadian dog owners will celebrate their pooch's birthday, with many buying them special dog food and toys.

The survey, by Harris/Decima and commissioned by Nestle Purina PetCare Canada, also found that 90 per cent believe their pet is a member of the family, reports ctvbc.ctv.ca.

Research reveals that many owners will splash out on a birthday cake for their dog. Jackie Krovblit, owner of local bakers Big Dog Bakery, told the news provider that she sells between 15 and 30 doggy birthday cakes every month.

And she added that it is not just birthday's many owners celebrate, with some owners buying bar mitzvah and wedding cakes for their dogs.

According to the survey, half of the owners questioned said they refer to themselves as the dog's mother or father.

Malak Tabbara, a dog owner, explained: "Not only do we treat them as a member of the family, we're very careful with them.

"We go the extra mile for them and we're happy to do it and spend the cash on it."