New York 'ghost dog' up for adoption

Monday, 7th January 2013

Like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, the very existence of 'ghost dog' – a wild brown and black Cano Corso who supposedly roams a park in New York – has been the topic of fierce debate for years.

Now, courtesy of Sean Casey, who runs Sean Casey Animal Rescue, the myth has finally been put to rest.

After tracking the dog for a number of years, Mr Casey has at last captured the previously wild mastiff, and is currently on the lookout for a suitable owner to house him.

"He's going to make an excellent dog", says Mr Casey. "He is very loving and very trusting and has no aggression", the Brooklyn Paper reports.

However, the animal refuge owner insists that the phantom dog will not be given away to just anyone, and will need a strong, experienced dog owner who can handle him both physically and psychologically.

Animal rescue centres tend to be inundated with homeless pets at this time of year, as many animals are returned after being given as Christmas presents. For this reason it is important not to rush into adopting a pet, and to only do so if you are sure you have the means to support an animal.