Like it ruff? Animal charity releases pet 'sex cards' to promote neutering

Tuesday, 19th February 2013

An animal shelter in north-west London has caused something of a storm after releasing a series of animal 'sex posters', designed to look like prostitute calling cards, in an attempt to highlight the problem of uncontrolled breeding and encourage owners to have their pets neutered.

The number of stray cats and dogs is rising in the capital, placing a huge strain on animal charities and rescue shelters, which is why all owners should make sure their pet is sterilised unless they are sure they can provide suitable homes for a litter of puppies or kittens.

Many owners fail to take into account the considerable costs involved in caring for pets, such as buying pet food and medication, which is why many young animals end up homeless.

In an attempt to shock the public into neutering their pets, the Mayhew Animal Home has produced the racy new posters, featuring pictures of dogs and cats alongside messages such as "I just can't help myself", "pre-op sexy beast looking for no-strings-attached sex" and "Wild Thing! Who knows where I've been?"