Foxes: good or bad?

Friday, 15th February 2013

Foxes have been the source of much controversy in the UK for a number years, causing legal battles and parliamentary disputes over issues such as hunting, while also being perceived by many as a domestic menace and a threat to young children.

The fact is that foxes are wild animals, and as such should be treated with caution - although this doesn't mean we can't happily co-exist with them or even enjoy their company.

Many people find foxes cute to look at and try to encourage them into their gardens by leaving food out, prompting the RSPCA to issue advice to animal lovers by suggesting snacks such as cheese, boiled potatoes and raw chicken pieces as fox favourites.

However, homeowners should be careful not to allow the wild animals to get too close to the house, especially if young children or other pets are present. Dog or cat food can attract foxes, so it's important to make sure this is kept safe from wild animals.