Feeding active dogs in the winter

Monday, 29th October 2012

Active dogs will require even more calories to keep them at peak fitness this winter, according to pet website DogChannel.

In a feature with a nutritional focus, the site revealed dogs that spend more than two hours a day taking part in activities such as playing with dog toys and exercise are classified as 'active dogs', while those that took part in strenuous activity such as herding and agility are super-active.

Owners can determine whether their dog is eating enough calories by judging its appearance, demeanour and weight. If the animal seems lethargic, depressed, or more sluggish than normal perhaps he needs additional or high energy food.

Vets suggest active dogs need two to three meals of quality dog food a day, with the largest of these served at least an hour after its main exercise session.

DogChannel suggests feeding your canine more of its current food in winter or moving to a brand that is more dense in nutrients.

Read the article here for more detailed information about dog diets.