Farm animals to receive helicopter takeaways

Tuesday, 26th March 2013

When it comes to ordering a takeaway, most of us expect our food to be delivered by a courier on a motorbike, but some of Britain's farm animals are set to receive their dinner from a military helicopter because of all the disruption caused by the snow.

Agriculture minister Michelle O'Neill has confirmed that an MoD surveillance chopper will be used to drop food parcels to thousands of animals in Northern Ireland, as farmers begin to worry over the wellbeing of their livestock.

The idea of pet food takeaways has not yet taken off in the UK, although an exception is being made for a number of four-legged critters around the country due to the unseasonably inclement weather.

"We have an animal welfare issue. Farmers need a food drop. We have a surveillance helicopter so that we can see where the livestock are and then we have an MoD helicopter which is prepared to make a food drop", commented Ms O'Neil.