Emma Watson leads craze for dyed dogs

Monday, 25th June 2012

Emma Watson has become the latest proponent of one of the more left-field crazes of recent years among pet owners – dying their dogs.

The star of the Harry Potter films was seen this week walking a puppy that had been dyed bright pink in east London.

Watson was pictured with the bichon fries named Darcy in Bethnal Green, where she was raising money for charity.

Stuart Simmons, owner of Groom Dog City where Darcy was dyed, told the Daily Mail that pink is the most popular colour among pet owners looking to dye their dogs.

Dismissing claims that the practice is cruel to animals, he said that all the dyes are semi-permanent and completely animal friendly, being made from vegetable dye.

"Lots of people say it's cruel to dye a dog but I say, it takes no time, it doesn't affect their skin and they don't look in the mirror and go: 'Oh, I'm so embarrassed,'" he said.

"Rather, they get so much attention in public and all the strokes and interaction, it can't be a bad thing."

Watson told her Twitter followers that Darcy had been dyed pink in order to help raise money for breast cancer care.