Dogs 'more popular' pets than cats this year

Monday, 4th April 2011

More people in Britain are choosing to invest in dog food by getting a pooch rather than a cat.

Research by Pet Food Manufacturers' Association has found that dogs are overtaking their feline counterparts as Britain's most popular pet.

Figures reveal that there are now 8.3 million dogs in Britain, compared to 1970, when there were just five million.

In comparison, there were 9.6 million pet cats in 2004, but now there are just 8.6 million.

Ben Perkins, an analyst at Mintel, said: "The momentum is definitely behind dogs. It looks likely that the number of dogs is going to over take the number of cats as well at some point this year."

It is believed that small and medium-sized pooches are becoming more popular because of the lower cost of dog food and their convenience.

However, both dogs and cats are beaten hands down by fish in terms of popularity, as research reveals that there are over 40 million of these fishy friends in homes across Britain.