Does Britney Spears have too many animals?

Monday, 4th March 2013

Sources close to pop star Britney Spears are reportedly becoming concerned that the singer may be buying too many animals in order to treat her own depression and insecurities, the Belfast Telegraph reports.

Adopting an animal on a whim is never a good idea, and all prospective owners are advised to think carefully before bringing an animal into their home.

However, one of Spears's close friends says those around her are now worried that the star is increasingly visiting her local pet shop whenever feels low, buying animals just to make herself feel better but failing to take proper care of them.

"The problem is that when she gets a new animal, she doesn't take care of it and just passes the responsibility over to her house staff," the source claimed.

Anyone thinking of buying a pet should consider the fact that animals often require a lot of work, and need a great deal of attention throughout their lifetime.