Brits leave £26bn to pets in wills in secret

Friday, 29th July 2011

Many pets in Britain will not have to worry about getting pet food and toys after their owner passes away, as owners are secretly leaving massive amounts of money to their four-legged friends.

Research by MORE TH>N Pet Insurance has revealed that Brits secretly leave £26 billion to their pets in their wills.

Findings showed that 35 per cent of owners plan to leave their pets over £10,000.

The most common item to be left to a pet in a will is the animal's favourite sofa or armchair.

John Ellenger, head of pet insurance at the firm, said: "Pet owners are naturally concerned about the long term care of their pets and many are taking the necessary steps to make sure they are provided for in their wills."

Half of owners said they would leave money to their pets in their wills because they did not want their companion to end up in a rescue centre.

This research follows news that British fashion designer Alexander McQueen left £50,000 to his dogs in his will.