Animals need 'more pet food' in the winter

Thursday, 13th January 2011

Animals should be given more pet food during the winter, it has been claimed.

Houston SPCA, a US-based animal welfare agency, has published a list of tips to help keep pets healthy during the cold weather as animals can develop a number of health issues during the winter.

The SPCA claimed that, similarly to humans, pets need to take on more food and drink when it is cold in order to preserve energy levels.

Cody Tucker, writing for the Ultimate Memorial news website, relayed this advice in his column: "Plenty of food and fresh, clean water for pets should be provided every day. Outdoor pets need to consume 25 to 50 per cent more calories than usual because the cold weather tends to deplete their energy.

"Owners should talk to a veterinarian to determine what is right for their pet."

The agency also advised dog owners to purchase pet jackets in order to protect them from the cold.