Animals could mistake elastic bands for pet food

Monday, 21st February 2011

Animals could be at risk of choking on elastic bands dropped by Royal Mail staff as they mistake them as pet food.

Dickie Felton, from Keep Britain Tidy, once said that animals are at risk from littering by Royal Mail workers who drop elastic bands on the floor, reports the BBC.

Following research revealing that the organisation has spent £5 million on elastic bands over the past five years, Mr Felton's comments were once again highlighted.

The news provider quotes him as saying: "We accept that dropping an elastic band is hardly the worst littering offence in the world, but none-the-less it is litter.

"The bands look terrible strewn on the floor and pose a choking danger to pets and wildlife."

A spokesman from Royal Mail responded to these figures, saying staff are regularly reminded of the importance of avoiding litter and that the majority of elastic bands are re-used.

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