Vet says Bulldogs and Pugs should be banned

Monday, 27th February 2012

A vet has said that certain pedigree breeds should be banned because they may need pet medication that helps them with respiratory problems.

Dr Gerhard Oechtering, a veterinary professor at Germany's Leipzig University, said that Pugs and Bulldogs should be banned because they often have trouble breathing, reports the Daily Mail.

He was speaking on a documentary, Pedigree Dogs Exposed - Three years On, which is due to be screened on BBC4.

Dr Oechtering is quoted as saying: "It is unbelievable that we need invasive surgery just to repair the basic needs of the dog. Breathing is the most basic need and this is no way acceptable from any ethical point we have today.

"The whole veterinary profession is faced more and more with the situation that we are becoming the repair troop for small animal breeders."

He called for an end to breeding brachycephalic breeds as they are not healthy animals.

The new documentary will be shown tonight (February 27th) at 9pm.