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Training cages may help prevent dogs chewing furniture

Monday, 22nd October 2012

Owners with troublesome canines that insist on chewing the furniture could benefit from training cages or anti-chew sprays, according to one dog trainer.

Giving advice to dog-lovers via the Pedigree Facebook page, Andrew Winfrow suggested the items may help owners fearing for their furniture, while an anti-chew could also discourage younger dogs from gnawing through their parents’ collars.

He added that owners are best off consulting a vet for one-to-one advice, as in some instances a tendency to chew can be a way of relieving discomfort.

Answering a question about giving dogs tennis balls to play with, Mr Winfrow revealed they may not be suitable – instead owners are better off giving their pet a tooth-friendly dog toy.

Finally, the intelligent use of dog treats to modify behaviour in conjunction with praise was mentioned by the expert several times – doing this means dogs are rewarded when they do something right, such as ignoring the postman rather than barking at him.