Tenth of dogs have got ill from eating chocolate

Wednesday, 28th March 2012

One in ten dogs have needed pet medication after eating chocolate, a new study has revealed.

Dogs Trust found that 57 per cent of dogs have eaten chocolate meant for humans. Of the one in ten that have got ill from the sweet treat, eight per cent died.

As a result, the charity has launched the Chocs Away! awareness drive to highlight the dangers of feeding a dog chocolate this Easter.

Paula Boyden, Dogs Trust veterinary director, said: "Chocolate contains theobromine, which, although tolerated by humans, is extremely toxic to man's best friend.

"Toxic doses vary according to the size of dog and cocoa solid content of the chocolate. Dogs Trust estimates that 50g of plain chocolate could be enough to kill a small dog ... while just 400g could be enough to kill an average size dog."

The survey also revealed that 39 per cent of dogs that ate chocolate were given it by their owners, while 61 per cent found it for themselves.

The charity is urging people to keep chocolate hidden from sight and if you suspect your dog has eaten chocolate, then contact the vet straight away.