Teens kill cat with dogs

Thursday, 8th December 2011

Pet medication could not be used to help a kitten set upon by dogs owned by a group of teens.

The teenagers are now being hunted for killing the five-month-old kitten Sprocket, reports the Haringey Independent.

David Akinsanya, an eyewitness, told the news provider: “I looked across the river and saw one of the dogs with the cat in its mouth.

“They need to catch these boys because that's vile, going around catching cats and killing them.”

Klare Kennett, from the RSPCA, added that the cat would have “suffered horribly” and said it was a “horrendous incident”.

Owner Felicity Jones said her kitten was not scared of dogs and that he was just playing in some bushes when he was taken.

Sprocket was taken by the group near Stonebridge Lock. They then took it along the river and had the dogs maul it to death near Tottenham Lock.

This follows news that a group of burglars microwaved a cat to death because they found nothing of value in the house.