RSPCA launch appeal after cat shot in eye

Thursday, 29th March 2012

A cat is now being treated by the RSPCA with pet medication after being shot in the eye in Essex.

The charity has now launched an investigation to find out who was responsible for the shooting and is appealing for anyone who has information on the incident.

Solo, the ginger male cat, was found in North Hill Drive in Romford in March. His eye was badly damaged and the animal was taken to the London North Animal Hospital, where he made a good recovery.

Siobhan Trinnaman, RSPCA animal welfare officer, said: "It was only when the vet started operating that we realised he had been shot with an air rifle.

"He is such a nice natured cat, he wouldn't have been picking fights.

"It's important that we get any information we can on who has been using air rifles in the area."

Solo is now getting used to having just one eye, and may have problems in the future with judging depth when scaling walls and fences in the future.