Petting your animal 'can help relieve stress'

Tuesday, 18th September 2012

Having a pet, much like having children, can sometimes be stressful, particularly if your animal is not eating its pet food or your dog needs pet meds for an illness.

But that is not the whole picture to pet ownership and there are great benefits to be enjoyed as well, including helping people to combat other sources of stress in their life.

In fact, life coach Seven Suphi believes that having a pet can bring peace of mind to many people, with these anti-stress benefits proving particularly beneficial to patients recovering from an injury or trauma.

She said that having a pet will help you to get the most out of life, with research showing improved recovery rates for patients that have animals.

"Those who have had an operation and aren't allergic, obviously, have seen recovery increase by stroking pets," Ms Suphi explained.

"There's absolute scientific evidence that having pets where you can do the petting has a substantial impact on stress, a positive impact."